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Rufus Shinra (ルーファウス神羅, Rūfausu Shinra?) is a non-player character. He is voiced by Tōru Ōkawa in the original Japanese publications and Wally Wingert in the English dubs. His appearance is marked by neatly-groomed blonde hair, blue eyes and a white three-piece suit with a distinctive double-breasted jacket. In Final Fantasy VII, Rufus is depicted as callous, cold-hearted and ruthless.[23] His views on how Shinra should conduct its rule over the world — through fear and intimidation rather than money — were considered dangerous by his father, and great care was taken to prevent them from influencing the company's inner workings.[24][25] But by Advent Children, it seems Rufus has reformed and is dedicated to helping the regeneration of the planet. He appears to enjoy subterfuge as much as he finds it useful, with his concealment of Jenova's head and use of deception in an attempt to overthrow his father. [26]

At the beginning of Final Fantasy VII he is the Vice-President of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a monopoly corporation and "de facto" world government. After his father's death, he becomes the president of the company. He begins running his company through fear and intimidation whilst very sure that Shinra is capable of solving the various crises facing Gaia. However, towards the close of the game he has a change of heart so he and Cloud's group put their differences aside to fight their common foes, Meteor and Sephiroth. Rufus' actions led to many positive things towards the end of the game, actions that benefited the world, such as removing Sephiroth's energy barrier and destroying two WEAPONs. However, Rufus is thought to have died when his office in Shinra Headquarters was hit by an energy blast from Diamond WEAPON.

In Advent Children, however, Rufus returns, very much alive, with the intention of repairing the damage his company had caused to the world, despite being in a wheelchair due to the disease Geostigma. However, it was revealed that the wheelchair was just a façade,[27] as he was easily capable of standing to toss Jenova's head off the side of a building, then leaping off as Kadaj dove after it. He plays a significant role in the story, having come into possession of Jenova's remains. In his intent to repay the planet, Rufus is hinted as being the main, but anonymous, funder for the World Regenesis Organization.[28] In the end, he is cured of his Geostigma by healing rain empowered by Aerith's spirit.

Rufus also makes sporadic appearances in Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII where Rufus is seen supplying funding and information to AVALANCHE as an "anonymous benefactor," while suggesting to the Turks that there may be a leak in the company. He intended to use AVALANCHE to kill his father so that he could become President of the Shinra Company. The plan failed, though Rufus continued scheming. Another instance of Rufus in Before Crisis shows him in attendance at Rocket Town with his father, he and the President argue about Shinra's direction causing serious tension within the company.